Diamond Burs

The raw material of our Smedent diamond burs shank is from Japan-made stainless steel #303, which is hard and tensile and not easy to break or bend. We use the well-selected natural diamond grits which costs 8 times higher than those of the man-made,. After removal of the impurities, magnetism and irregularities, they can be bonded evenly to the shank. With sharper edges, the diamond grits can do a faster, easier, and better job than the man-made during clinical treatments.

Technology and Equipment
Our Smedent FG diamond burs’ shanks are produced with Japan-made high precision CNC lathes. Thanks to our advanced technology, the diameter of the shank falls within the 1.595±0.003mm range, and meets the international standard of 1.6000(-0.008)mm. Most shanks from other China dental burs factories are always too thick or too slender to fit the handpiece properly

Manufacturing Process
Our electroplating technology is brought in from Germany. The shank is first plated with a layer of nickel, which bonds well with steel; the diamond grits are then inlaid in the nickel layer. the exact diamond grit is exposed above the layer, which according to many years’ clinical observations not only prevents the grits from coming off in pieces but also proves to be more durable.Our multi-diamond burs are produced on basis of the above, add more layer of diamond, therefore it’s more durable.   

Quality Control
Two steps are used to ensure our Smedent diamond burs high quality: Firstly, through a well-designed sampling and process, all finished burs are selected to be ground against marbles or iron sticks to spot and remove the burs with dull or unfastened grits; secondly, the burs are 100% inspected by infrared to guarantee the qualification. With many years’ on-going R&D, the defect ratio has dropped considerably from 1.2% to the 0.3% by 2015.

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